Monday, December 10, 2012

All By Myself

It's been an interesting few days. In addition to trying to write a 20 page paper, Ryan and I ended our relationship. Don't worry, I'm fine. Our relationship hadn't been healthy for awhile. We still love each other and will probably be friends but our lives are heading in two different directions. I'm really just going to take this time to focus on finishing school and doing what I need to do to continue to lose this weight. I figure come swimsuit season, I'll be hot and sexy and all the guys will want me. ;)

In other news, I battled a great evil today. Ants. It's not the big ones that actually bite, but the little tiny annoying ones that you just find everywhere. I think I figured out where they came in but it had to be the hardest spot...the ceiling. Now, I'm tall but I'm not a giant. So I have to call a friend for a step ladder so I could actually get the little bastards. On the bright side, my kitchen is spotless. I am however, terrified that they will come back.

If you ever have to deal with ants, my number one suggestion is to spray the hell out of them! Then vacuum those suckers up. I probably should of done that instead of trying to find a step ladder, but my OCD made me want to wash the walls.

My next project is to clean my ceiling fan blades. They be nasty.

So yes, I'm going to be fine. If you would like to however take me out for iced tea, I won't object.

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