Saturday, October 13, 2012

Adeventure Onward! Week 3

It has bee three weeks since my surgery. Overall I'm doing really well. As of last Sunday (10/7), I've lost a total of 26 pounds. I won't know how much I've lost this week until tomorrow (Sunday). I've had to commit myself to only weighing once a week because it's so hard to either not see the scale more or for it to move up on a daily basis. So why torture myself?

Everyone keeps asking me what I can eat right now and how much. Up until I reach one month, everything I eat needs to be about the consistency of apple sauce or I have to chew it like 60 times before I swallow it. Here's the list of things added at the one week post-op:

Cheese- Any kind except cream cheese because of the fat content

Yogurt (plain or unflavored) I've cheated on this because mt Greek yogurt is vanilla flavored but I haven't had any problems.

Scrambled eggs only.

Baked or grilled fish- YUCK. This is something that I am NOT eating.

Canned tuna or salmon- Double YUCK.

Mashed potatoes- I love these!!

Cream of wheat- never been a big fan but I have Malt-o-Meal so that's helpful.

Vegetarian re-fried beans- also one of my favorites.

Apple sauce-sugar free of course.

I'm supposed to eat 3-4 times a day and include 50-60 grams of protein shakes in addition to my food. Only 2 ounces at a time unless I'm drinking my meal which is when I need to make sure I'm making it last about 45min.

I don't really have a feeling of being hungry unless I haven't eaten in awhile. I do get thirsty a lot. You will probably see me now with a water bottle attached to my hand. The only craving I have right now is vegetables. Mostly tomatoes and cucumbers.

I guess the most excited news of this week was the fact that I got to back to work. I was so ready by the end of week two to be out of my apartment and back in the office. Crazy right? I had a pretty relaxing week. After everyone told me how crazy it was while I was gone, I was expecting a huge pile of work waiting for me. Other than the almost 600 emails, it was pretty light. Advising however starts in 2 weeks so I'm getting ready for that and making sure that I have everything else done before the students start pouring in.

The other event was actually kinda scary. I woke up Thursday feeling terrible. It hurt to eat or drink anything. Even liquid was kind of hard. I stayed home from work knowing I wouldn't get paid since all my sick and vacation time is gone.

I had a school meeting at Redlands so I had to drag myself out of bed to go to that. Do you know how hard it is to sit in a meeting for over an hour feeling like you want to curl into a ball and die? PLUS having your classmates look at you like you're about to burst into tears right there? Well, I do.

After the meeting I called my doctor's office who then directed me to his nurse who could give me more information. I'm in tears on the phone because I don't know what's going on and my mom of course is freaking out telling me I need to go to the hospital because that's what they said right when I got out of the hospital. I would prefer to NOT sit in the emergency room for 3 hours for them to tell me nothing is wrong. (I'm pretty sure half of my cohort saw me crying on the way to my car that afternoon. Oh well.) Anyway, the nurse call me back, asks me a few questions, and says it's constipation. Really?! Something that simple. Believe me when I say that I felt like an idiot. Here I thought something went wrong and I screwed something up and it ended up being something so easily fixed.

One shot of Milk of Magnesia later and I was able to sleep for the rest of the day. Needless to say, I'm fine now. Sorry for the details but it is my blog so suck it up.

Since I don't want to leave you with something icky, I do have really good news. With the cooler weather, I had to get some new pants. Obviously I won't be wearing them long but I needed something to get through the next month or so. I am happy to announce that I was able to comfortably fit in a smaller size of pants at the store! I've only dropped one pant size but after being in one size for so long, this is amazing. I bought 2 pairs of pants and I look hot in them. My mom has pants of mine in the next size down so I won't be back at the store probably until spring where I'll need to buy even smaller clothes. I'm so excited!!

Until next time, Have a good weekend!

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  1. Haha! That is so cool! Shopping for smaller clothes is the best! Keep up all of your hard work!! <3